New look, new products, same great service!

Since 1991, we have been providing our expertise to deliver answers and results for your clients -  including developing custom promotions!

iline Promo is a supplier specializing in Sports, Event, and Bar/Beverage promotional marketing. For over two decades we have been providing our clients with unique promotional products, import expertise and five star service.

At iline Promo, we specialize in ongoing product development. We translate popular trends into effective promotional products. We provide our distributor partners with new ideas that create new conversations and opportunities with their customers.

iline Promo is dedicated to ensuring compliance and quality control.  Our offices overseas, as well as our domestic staff provide quality control services and compliance checks to make sure your clients are receiving safe, properly made promotional items.

At iline Promo we have a passion for our clients that keeps us accountable and owning our results. We are solution-oriented and innovative, we specialize in beverage and sport industry solutions that build brands with both domestic and direct sourcing capabilities with offices in the U.S. and China.

  • Relationship. It is important for us to become a valuable part of your team. It is important to us to do what is necessary to build and maintain a quality partnership.


  • Ideas. We provide complete ideation presentations to our client partners. We will provide confidentiality and non-compete agreements as needed. We are often able to guarantee our client partners exclusivity on ideas that we bring to them.


  • Guarantees.  iline Promo stands behind our products and services - more importantly, we stand beside our client partners. With iline Promo, partnership is a reality, not just a marketing slogan.


Work with our team of dedication professionals at iline Promo to create innovative and custom solutions to build your clients brand!

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